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5 Stretches in the morning to boost Your Spirit

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Your body felt weak and stiff when you wake in the morning? Some of these stretching movements can make muscles relax and the brain more clearly so that your body feels refreshed and ready to undergo the activity.

The trick is not difficult. Just do the five movement every morning after waking, and you will be free from feeling tired and lethargic every morning.

Degree mat or carpet, sit on it with your legs crossed. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold a few seconds and release slowly through your mouth. Repeat three times.

Swivel Neck
Still in the legs cross-legged position, rotate your neck slowly in the same direction five times. Then rotate in the opposite direction with the same amount.

Standing in an upright position with the hips and abdomen inward, and legs slightly open. Place both hands at your sides. wide open yur toes and feel the texture of the carpet or floor for blood circulation.
After that, bring the body into the wall, raise one hand above head and bending while the other hand is stretched to the wall. Do it this way in turns for the right and left hands.

Back Stretch
From a standing position, sitting back with your legs straight out in front. Reach toe with both hands, hold this position for several seconds. Do as much as five times.

Spine Stretching
This movement is called a spinal twist, its function to relax the muscles of the spine that feels stiff. In a sitting position, straighten your left leg while your right leg crossed into the left side. Rotate the body 90 degrees to the right (opposite the right foot), and hold for 45 seconds. Do alternately on the other side.

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