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6 Symptoms of Eating Disorders

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Do you often eat non-stop until feel sick and nauseous, or can not control your eating habits? Be careful, you may suffer of uncontrolled eating symptoms or often referred  as compulsive eating disorders.

compulsive eating disorders are disturbances in eating patterns in which the sufferers eat without controlled and irregular. If left unchecked, compulsive eating disorders can cause the digestive system not functioning properly, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease.

Because this disorder involves the emotional and physical, so the handling can not be done alone. There should be psychotherapy helps, nutritionist or dietician. Even in cases that are severe, the patient should be treated intensively.

what is the symptoms of compulsive eating disorders? If you have three to four signs as quoted from the All Women STALK below, You should be wary and should soon find a solution.

1.Feeling Sad For Excessive Eating
It's not about feeling guilty for having spent two cups of hot chocolate or three scoop of banana split. If you often feel sad, miserable and hate yourself after eating too much, something is wrong with your eating habits.

2.Not Comfortable When Talking About Food
You always try to avoid talk of food, or spend hours checking the own body's? Means there is a possibility you suffer from uncontrollable eating disorder. It is also marked by the behavior of afraid to see the body in the mirror.

3.Eating While it is Full
Naturally, the body will send signals when a person must be satisfied and stop eating. People with eating disorders tend to be indifferent to excessive limits. If you still chew food but have been very satisfied, there is a possibility you are suffering from eating disorders. To fix this, try to eat slowly. Give the lag time to the next food. This will make you watch your body signals that you're full.

4.Skipping Mealtime
People with eating disorders often Skipping important mealtime, especially breakfast. Because if we let an empty stomach in a long time, we will feel very hungry which make us eat more than the portion should be.

5.Eating When Not Feeling Hungry
Maybe this is the most common symptoms that occur in people with eating disorders. Eating foods to satisfy your appetite, and not because of hunger can be harmful to the body and caused obesity. Occasional chocolate snack is fine. But you should be wary if the desire to eat and snack arises all day.

6.Sudden Strict Diet
People with compulsive eating disorder can eat uncontrollably, but at one time they stop eating all of a sudden or in a strict diet. This pattern obviously can disrupt the body's metabolic system. Therefore, the weight of patients with compulsive eating disorder may vary; between thin, medium to obese.

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