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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Running, Cycling and Swimming.

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Running, cycling and swimming are 3 types of exercise done by most of people. But what about the comparison of the three types of this sport?

Runing, biking and swimming are the most popular cardio exercise and almost everyone has access to do so. All these activities can provide a healthy body and an excellent calorie burner. To find the difference of all the three, then check out this comparison of three types of sports as quoted from Lifemojo:

The ability to burn calories
Running : calorie-burning exercise is the best among the others, one could burn 500-800 calories per hour
Bicycles : This sport generally burn calories as much as 350-650 calories per hour
Swimming: This exercise can burn 350-700 calories per hour

Risk of injury
Running: is one of the sport with the highest injury-prone because of the pressure associated with these exercises
Bicycles: This sport has a low risk of impact
Swimming: This sport has a lower risk of impact in the limbs, joints and muscles because of the nature of support from the water. Studies show exercise in waist-high water will reduce stress on joints by 50 percent, if at breast height to reduce stress on joints by 75 percent. This makes sports pool great for people recovering from injury.

Running: cost practically nothing because it can be done anywhere and anytime, just needed a comfortable pair of running shoes.
Bicycles: costs more expensive, it depends on the type of bicycle of his choice.
Swimming: sport is fairly cheap in terms of equipment, which needed only an easy access for entry to the pool.

Effects of body
Running: includes weight training can help build bone density and protects against osteoporosis. This exercise is good for the legs, especially calves and hamstrings.
Bicycles: This exercise is good for shaping and toning your thighs, quadriceps, calf muscles and the pelvic area.
Swimming: This exercise is generally beneficial for the body as a whole, but are consistently able to build density foot, back, shoulder and arm muscles.

Cardio benefits
Running: increase blood flow and circulation of oxygen throughout the body so beneficial for memory, concentration and physical endurance.
Bicycles: exercise is good for the heart and can reduce the incidence of heart disease.
Swimming: train your body to be able to use oxygen efficiently.

Not recommended at
Running: people who have a basic problem of the heart should avoid this exercise, as well as people with problems at the ankles, knees and hip joints.
Bike: sport is not recommended in people who have back problems and rheumatoid body
Swimming: This exercise is not recommended in people who are phobic of water

For people who have diabetes, asthma, angina (heart problems), high blood pressure or had surgery, you should consult your physician first. Hence the selection of the appropriate type of exercise depends entirely on the health condition and the objectives of the exercise.

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