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Brisk Walking Helps Prevent the Development of Prostate Cancer

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San Francisco, prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is feared by men. But studies show men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer can prevent the development of the disease by doing brisk walking.

Based on observations made by the researcher, known that the people who walk by using the strength (brisk walking) for at least 3 hours a week can reduce the cancer that will grow and spread in the coming years.
The experts said it shows that keeping the body active can improve health. But the study reported in the journal Cancer Research warned that regular walking does not have the same effect.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco studied on 1455 people, mostly in their 60s who are diagnosed with localized prostate cancer (has not spread to other parts of body).

Participants were asked to tell how many exercises are done and what type. During the 31 weeks the researchers analyzed the participants including disease recurrence, the occurrence of bone tumors and deaths because of prostate cancer.

Researchers found that men who walked rapidly for at least 3 hours a week are less likely to get one of these complications.

"Apparently the man who walked quickly after diagnosis can delay or even prevent the development of the disease. The benefits of walking will depend on how fast you run," said Erin Richman research chief, as quoted by BBC News.

Richman said that walking is something that can be done by everyone, but walked casually seem to have no benefit for this. Because scientists believe brisk walking could affect the development of cancer by altering levels of certain proteins that have been proven in the laboratory serves to encourage the growth of cancer.

The results of this study still must continue to ascertain whether the results can be applied to all patients with prostate cancer or not. But the patients are still advised to have a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity and consult a physician before doing a new activity.

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