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How Fiber Helps Lose Weight?

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You may often hear the importance of fiber-rich diet to lose weight effectively. Nutrition experts also recommend to include lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet, if you want a more slender body.

But, perhaps only a few people know the reason why fiber is very important to helps weight loss program. In short, fiber-rich foods make you feel full faster so that food consumption was reduced.

More details, there are five things that makes fiber a determining factor for the success of the diet.

1. It took about 20 minutes for the brain to receive signals that your stomach is full. Foods rich in fiber usually takes longer to chew so you'll eat too much longer. That way, the stomach is feels full faster so you eat less.

2. Foods with high fiber content is usually low in calories, also contain nutrients and antioxidants that help you lose weight. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and whole grains are some examples of food that has three benefits.

3. Fiber foods take longer to digest, helping you feel full longer.

4. When we reach the intestine, fiber will absorb water until fluffy form gels with cholesterol in the blood. Then, the gel will be discarded along with the dirt removed from the body.

5. Fiber can also help slow the release of sugar in the bloodstream. This process avoids the increase in blood sugar that can make you hungry faster.

How adequate intake of fiber with a practical yet accurate? Quoted from Lifemojo, adults under age 50 should consume at least 25 grams of fiber (women) and 40 grams (men) per day. Here are some easy tips to get fiber.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more fiber than fruit juice / vegetable. Fiber intake would be better if eaten with the skin of fruit (eg apples, pears, cucumbers and grapes).

2. Eat a salad a few minutes before eating. Raw vegetables usually takes 10 minutes to spend, so you can limit your food intake.

3. When cravings come, eat crackers or biscuits made from whole wheat or wheat flour. Wheat biscuits and cookies is a safe way of snacking and not make fat, also have good taste.

4. Eat vegetables that have been mashed or vegetable soup before meals can also meet your fiber needs per day.

5. Replace white rice with brown rice, white bread with wheat bread, or corn cereal with oatmeal. Some of the food contains enough fiber can help you lose weight.

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