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Listen to Music, Making Exercise More Effective

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Aerobic exercise, will not be complete without up-beat musical accompaniment. Also with running, You may have seen scenes of advertisements on television or movies that show actors jogging or running around the park while listening to music. Apparently, the music had an important role in the success of the sport.

Excerpted from the Livestrong, some specific music could help improve the results of aerobic exercise or other sports. Studies conducted Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool, England, revealed, raising the tempo of music can increase the reach of cycling up to several miles. The faster tempo of music, the faster you move following the music tempo so the exercise will be more intense.

For example, spinning or exercise using static bicycle. If you`re listening to fast tempo music, your legs will be eager to pedal faster. Intense exercise, may burn more calories, so your exercise will be more effective and the desired results achieved.

What the other benefit that can be obtained by exercising while listening to music? Here goes the answer.

Switch off fatigue
When you have to do quite hard and intense routines exercises, the music can distract you from fatigue. For example, when you run a marathon exercise, music makes the brain to ignore tired feelings, so you also managed to run up to the 'finish' or complete the run on time.

But Dr. Len Kravitz of the University of New Mexico suggested, You should only use the music to exercise when your body in prime condition. Music can make you forget your physical condition, so it is not advisable if you have problems with heart disease or joint.

Music is often used to help increase the spirit of professional athletes before competition. Well, the same effect can also be obtained if you do aerobic exercise as they set fast rhythmic music. Why? Because musical works as simultaneous for the body.

Not just rhythm, song lyrics with the theme of dance, friendship or the environment can help improve arousal and readiness prior to exercise every day. Conversely, slow rhythmic music or the theme of grief, making the body more calm and disturbing mentality so we will lazy to exercise.

Choosing Music
After knowing the benefits of music in sport, it's time you recognize the types of music that can improve the effectiveness of your workout. There are three things you should look; the number of beats per minute, the lyrics and the kind of music that you like. Try some different songs to see whether the speed of the rhythm of the song fits with the sports that you live.

Find lyrics to songs that motivate, but if you do not find it, select a song with a fast-paced game instruments, such as techno music. Turn the music you love. Heavy metal music music or hard core -genre is fast tempo and add adrenaline. But if you do not like it, your ears would be disrupted.

Happy exercising!

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