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Natural Sweeteners That Not Make You Fat

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Sugar has some benefits for the body, pumping energy to be more active. However, if consumed in excessive amounts, sugar can lead to excess weight.

all sweet foods can increase blood sugar quickly. When consumed, sugar content directly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing the increase in the hormone insulin. This hormone will clean up the sugar and fat from the blood, which is then stored in the network as an energy reserve. The process is what causes weight gain.

To avoid the accumulation of fat and excess weight from sugar, reduce the consumption of sweet foods became the only solution. But many women are not aware of sugar is consumed per day. Numerous studies reveal, women today eat more sugar than women in the age of 50 or 60 years ago.

The reason, because now most of the food products using the sugar that is refined or white sugar as a sweetener. Just imagine, in one can of soda can contain eight tablespoons of sugar. One piece of pie, containing as many as 11 teaspoons of sugar. While the chocolate cake, banana split and other sweet foods containing sugar average of 20-25 teaspoons of white sugar.

white sugar can damage the health and diet because they contain high calories but low in nutrients. In fact, white sugar can rob the body's natural nutrient that functions running metabolism.

In addition to weight gain, excess sugar can also damage the teeth, causing premature aging, diabetes, gallstones, weakened eyesight and decrease the body's immune function. To avoid the negative effects of sugar, you do not need to stop eating sweets. However, sugar is also needed to launch a working system of organs. It's just that their consumption should be limited.

There are several ingredients that you can use as a substitute for white sugar. A natural addition, food and beverage sweetener is also safe for the body:

Raw foods produced by bees contains many minerals and is believed safe for allergy sufferers. Honey taste sweeter than white sugar, so just use the third. Honey is suitable for use as a sweetener in cooking; example is poured while in a state of hot food. Honey is also suitable as a salad mixed with lemon dressing. But do not enter the honey while cooking because it can be toxic.

Date palm
Dates containing 60% sugar and levels could rise because of the drying process. Sugar dates are usually made from pulverized dried dates are up to in powder form. In addition, there are also palm sugar is a liquid. Add palm sugar when cooking or baking. The sweetness is quite unique, and far sweeter than white sugar. So, use a little will suffice.

Dried Fruit
Dried fruits such as raisins, prunes or apples can be a healthy alternative to sweetened foods. As a topping on food or cooked with other ingredients. Dried fruit is also suitable to add color to look more interesting dishes.

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