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Some Excercise that Can Be Done in Front of TV

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Everybody wants a beautiful body, but many of them are lazy to move. Too busy watching television at home is one of the reason not to go to the gym and stayed home while snacking favorite snack.

In fact, exercise can be done anywhere. While we were watching TV too, we can also make small movements that could burn some calories. check out these tips to get some small exercises that can be performed in front of the TV.

1. Jogging
The easiest way to exercise in front of the TV is to start jogging in place. Select your favorite TV shows and a walk in place during a commercial break. Usually there will be 15 minutes of commercials in one hour event. If you watch TV for two hours, you're jogging for about half an hour.

2. Tighten stomach
Sitting on the couch, try to hold your stomach and pull back. Do as much as 20-30 times repetition. This simple exercise aimed at strengthening your abdominal muscles.

3. Squat

Squat is a position that is like you in the mood to sit down. Bend your knees slowly and open your feet shoulder width apart. Then stand up slowly, keep your back perfectly straight and look straight ahead. Repeat back movements such as sitting and standing during a commercial break lasts. Calculate how much movement you can do. This exercise is good for strengthening and toning the legs and buttocks.

4. Leg exercises
Lift your toes with the heel pressed firmly into the floor. Hold for a count of five and repeat. This is a good simple exercise to tighten your calf. To stretch your thigh muscles, raise one knee and paste it into your chest, hold for five counts. Repeat with other leg.

5. Dance
Dancing is an excellent cardio workout. Watch your favorite musical event and do the dance. Dancing is a fun and energetic way to exercise. With dancing for half an hour, you can burn 130-150 calories.

6. Up and down stairs
Try movements like climbing stairs, find a low height. In addition to moving the lower body, this exercise also can pump your heart. Step with one foot and then retreated with the other leg. When you are accustomed to, increase the speed of leg movement.

7. Exercise machine
Use a treadmill or stationary bicycle during the favorite event took place. That way you no longer can eat while watching TV, which actually put on weight. You also do not have to miss your favorite shows to exercise.

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