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5 Exercises To Stay Fit During Your Vacation

Finding time to exercise during the holiday season can be a difficult thing for many people. With a long trips plan, visiting relatives and away from routine work with a variety of fun activities. Routine exercise that you usually do must be abandoned too. After months or maybe years of your regularly exercise, the "vacation" from your  routines exercise can cause all of your routine exercise result vanished. Well, here are five tips to keep your body fit by doing small exercise regularly on your vacation.

Maintaining a regular exercise is very important to keep your body fit. Too many people are lazy and decided not to do anything when on vacation. Bellow are five different exercise routines that you can follow during the holidays to make your body stay fit and in shape while keeping your workout results. These exercises require only simple equipment so that you can do it anywhere. Perform regular exercise for 5 times a week.

1. Four sets of exercises each set consisted of:
    Running 400 m
    Squat 50 times
    3 × 20 times full sit ups

2. Do as much as possible the exercise cycle that consists of:

    Jump rope 50 times
    25 lunge step
    Hanging bent knee 10 times

3. Walk 5 km

4. Three sets of exercises consisting of:
    Running 400 m
    Box jump 21 times (you can also use a chair)
    15 times of pull-up
    The Russian Twist 3 × 15 times

5. 4 cycles of exercise, each consisting of:
    5 times a handstand push-ups
    10 times burpee
    15 times hanging knees to elbows

Exercise above are 5 easy and simple routines that can keep you fit and healthy while keeping your body shape during this holiday season. Have a nice vacation!


Staying Slim Even if You Eat Lots of Foods

One of the most difficult challenges when undergoing a diet and get the ideal body shape is to control hunger. Excessive hunger, it will trigger someone is eating more foods high in calories.

In fact, eating large portions is not a problem. But, how high the number of calories contained in food. For example, one slice of chocolate cake can contain more calories than a big bowl of salad greens with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Things you should notice is, every food has a certain amount of calories in consumption volume, called the energy density. Various types of desserts such as puddings, chocolate, one scoop of ice cream or fruit shake tend to have high energy density. That is, although consumed in small amounts, in fact these foods have a large amount of calories.

While foods such as vegetables and fruits, including foods with low energy density. This means, the food is numerous or large, but it has low calories. So as to meet energy needs, should be consumed in large portions. That is why, vegetables, fruit and whole wheat products are strongly advised to diet because you can overcome hunger by eating a lot, but can still control your weight.

How to distinguish foods with high energy density and low?
You can find out by reading the nutritional value information which is usually found on product packaging. Start by comparing the size of the serving size in grams and calories.
* If fewer calories than the weight of the serving size (grams), it means the food has low energy density.
* If the same amount of calories, or two times more than the serving size, means you have to control a large portion of their consumption and pay attention.
* If the number of calories three times more than the serving size, you should be discouraged to eat it.

Why pay attention to the energy density of food is very important?
Diet expert Julie Upton explains, foods with high energy density does not only contain many calories. Several studies have shown, high energy dense foods are also high in saturated fat and trans fat. Of these foods also contain very little fiber.

Another study done by researchers from Penn State University found that women who only eat foods with low energy density level for six years, her weight increased only 2.7 kg. While women who consumed high-energy dense foods, add weight to 6.35 kg in six years.

Therefore, it is very important to read first information on the nutritional value of packaged food before you eat them. Excerpted from Health, here are some examples of foods with high energy density / low.

Low energy density:
- Fruits and vegetables
- Soup chicken broth
- Brown rice, oatmeal, bread and pasta from whole grains
- Foods containing a lot of water

High energy density:
- Crackers, biscuits, cookies
- Vegetable oil
- Fried
- Sweet foods and desserts (ice cream, pudding cream, chocolate cake).


HIIT for Weight Loss

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a new trend in fitness world. HIIT result in greater fat oxidation during exercise, and enhance weight loss in the long run.

A study published in "Journal of Applied Physiology" on December 14, 2006 showed an increase in fat oxidation during exercise experienced by participants when they do HIIT program. The study analyzed eight healthy weight women to do 10 explosions during the four-minute workout on a stationary bike with periods of rest for two minutes.

The researchers found that after seven HIIT workout for 60 minutes in two weeks, the oxidation of fat in the body of the participants increased by 36 percent.

How HIIT Works
Normally the body uses a combination of carbohydrates from the fat accumulated for use as an energy source, depending on the difficulty level of exercise you do. When the level of exercise you are more than 75 percent of maximum heart rate, then the amount of oxygen to process fat metabolism decreases, so that all the stored energy is derived from carbohydrates.

Increased fat oxidation during exercise is expected as a result of increasing cardiovascular capacity (where the number of maximal oxygen consumption rose 13%, and lower heart rate for 30 minutes) which produces greater levels of oxygen to burn fat during exercise.

HIIT to Lose Weight
Women who participate in such research do HIIT for 60 minutes as much as 3-4 days / week for a total of 180-240 minutes per week. HIIT directly affect the total amount of energy burned is likely from stored fat or carbohydrates. Another study states that the exercise equivalent to 20 miles jogging per week effectively lose weight, especially in the abdomen.

Enter HIIT in your Exercise Routines
If you like to do jogging, bike and swim, try to combine exercise with HIIT program. Perform blast phase for four minutes then rest as much as two minutes, do it for 60 minutes (3-4 days per week).
Based on some results of these studies, it is clear that the HIIT program can help you lower the weight significantly. What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself to do it. Happy practicing!


Besides Burning Calories, Exercise Also Helps to Stimulate Satiety

We all know that exercise is the most effective way to burn fat and excess calories in the body. But not many people know, the sport was also able to make the stomach feel full, so the desire to eat goes down.

A recent study led by José Barreto C. Carvalheira from the University of Campinas, Brazil, revealed another benefit of exercise. In addition to burning calories, exercise can stimulate nerve cells to transmit satiety signals to the brain. It can reduce food intake and cause weight loss.

As quoted by the Times of India, the study gives hope to people who have problems with weight and obesity worldwide. There are more than 40 percent of obese people of the world's population.

Excess fat consumption is believed to thwart the signals transmitted by neurons to control satiety in the brain, called the hypothalamus. This failure encouraged uncontrolled food intake and resulting obesity.

The team of researchers led by Carvalheira prove that the obese mice who exercised showed satiety signals from neurons in the hypothalamus and reduced food consumption. They believe that this is also apply to humans.

Physical activity contributes to the prevention and treatment of obesity. Not only increases energy consumption, but also regulate signal satiety and reduces food intake.


Vitamins that Help You to Lose Weight

There are many ways that women can do to get the ideal body, one of them is by dieting. But you should not be forgotten that, although on a diet your body still needs vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin is needed to avoid nutritional imbalances that eventually make you sick. Not only that, the right vitamins can also help on weight loss. Here's the vitamins that helps your healthy diet, as quoted from Become Gorgeous.

1. Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 has an important role in fat metabolism and regulate the thyroid. The thyroid is one of the causes of weight gain. In addition, increased intake of vitamin B6 will speed up your metabolism, helping burn more calories. Sources of vitamin B is in wheat, bananas, dried fruit, avocado and chicken.

2. Vitamin H
Biotin or Vitamin H, including the vitamin B complex can influence weight loss. Biotin ensure proper enzyme function and also balance blood sugar levels. In addition to prevent energy shortages and excess, this vitamin can also reduce the desire for sweet foods. Good natural sources are eggs that are a source of choline to lose weight, beans and turnips.

3. Vitamin D
This vitamin has more health benefits than you know. There are studies showing that people with higher vitamin D levels are better able to lose weight than those without. Calcium can also help weight loss. Good sources of vitamin D is cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, eggs, cheese and mushrooms.

4. Vitamin C
these vitamins have an important role in the fight against free radicals, boost the immune system and eliminate fatigue. Vitamin C helps the body convert glucose into energy, not stored as fat. Eat citrus fruits, green vegetables, broccoli, liver, oil, wheat, berries, watermelon and peas in order to increase the intake of this vitamins.


Foods that Helps The Destruction of Fat

Not only sport that can burn fat. Some specific foods, also referred to effectively assist the destruction of the fat and make the body more slender.

Quoted from Genius Beauty, numerous studies have revealed six food that effective to burn the fat. But the researchers emphasize, the results are not necessarily directly visible in a short time. Need patience and diligence to get the desired results.

What are some foods that are recommended as a destroyer of fat? This is it!

1. Pears
Pears are very low in calories and rich in fiber. In addition, this fruit also contains catechins and flavonoids, two antioxidants that are capable of destroying bad fat (which usually accumulate in the abdominal area). Eat pears every day, in a way that you like; juiced or eaten raw. You can eat it before breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Popcorn
Popcorn was not only a favorite snack while watching at the cinema. If not added sweeteners or salt you can also make popcorn as a food for the diet.
Maize is included in a whole grains group like whole wheat, buckwheat or brown rice that contain complex carbohydrates - which take a long time to digest the body so that the stomach feel full longer. Replace potato chips, cookies or crackers with your popcorn as a snack. But remember, do not add salt, sugar or butter.

3. Cold Potato
If you want to replace rice as the carbohydrate with boiled potatoes, you should not  eaten it while it is still hot. Why? because cold potatoes contain glymecic index lower than a hot potato.

Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. With the low GI of a carbohydrate, then the food will be much longer processed by the body so that glucose levels in the blood can be maintained within normal limits. Conversely, a high GI foods will make glucose in the blood rise sharply and fell sharply as well. In short, low GI foods will make the stomach feel full longer. This is certainly very good to avoid overeating.

Eat cold potatoes with fresh vegetables or half-cooked, such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers. For protein sources, you can add tofu, salmon or chicken breast without skin.

4. Beans and Grains
Although often accused of causing obesity, fat is actually one of the essential nutrients for the body. You need to carefully select the type of fat and eat them within normal levels. Healthy fats, usually found in nuts and seeds.
Unsaturated fatty acid content to prevent obesity, the accumulation of bad fats and excess weight gain. Eat these foods as a snack substitute candy or cookies. But for those who have a peanut allergy or milk, their consumption should be avoided.

5. Tea
The tea is known as a health drink which effectively streamline the body. According to some studies, 70% fat cells absorb less fat intake due to consumption of white tea. In short, the tea can destroy fat stored in fat cells. Eating 1 cup of green tea / white 5 times a day, can help make your body leaner.

6. Apple Vinegar
There is still much controversy surrounding the use of apple cider vinegar for slimming. In apple vinegar, acetic acid contained can stimulate fat burning and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. But it's very dangerous for the gastric acid, especially ulcer patients. Actually, apple cider vinegar is safe, only with the correct usage.

Apple cider vinegar is not to be drunk, but is used as salad dressings, the additional flavoring in cooking or mixed juices and other beverages. In short, eat wisely and not excessive.


Exercise with Treadmill For Beginners

Cardio is one of exercise that is suitable for beginner. This exercise is usually done by using tools such as stationary bicycles, cross trainers and of course, a treadmill.

Burn calories and better shape the body is part of the profits that you can get from cardio workout using a treadmill. As quoted from Lifemojo, here are some tips to exercise using a treadmill for more effective and enjoyable.

1. Get to know well the treadmill that will be used
Knowing how the tool is the first step to do for your workout success. Before running on the treadmill, ask in advance to the fitness coach to know in detail the system and control panel functions and statistics. Do not rush to immediate use, in addition to being effective you can also add risk of injury.

2. Warming up before exercise
Warming up is the foundation of all types of exercise programs, running on a treadmill is not an exception. Do brisk walking before starting treadmill exercise, you can do at home and outdoors. Then gently stretch the leg muscles. After all the muscles feel ready, then you can run comfortably.

3. Increase your treadmill incline
When running using the treadmill, do not hesitate to increase one percent to three percent treadmill incline for feels like running on top of the uphill road. Varying the treadmill incline are very good to burn fat at the bottom of the body.

4. Make your workouts more fun
One of the main factors someone avoid the treadmill exercise is boredom. To overcome the problem of boredom make your exercise time more enjoyable by listening to music, in addition some specific music could help improve the results of aerobic exercise or other sports. You can also do this exercise in front of TV or do it with friends. That way there would be no longer feel bored while running on the treadmill.


How to Burn More Calories If You`re Busy

To lose weight, people need to burn more calories than the calories that is inserted into the body. But most of people do not have enough time to do it. So how do I burn calories with a little time?

Hectic schedules and busy work make people do not have enough time to exercise and burn calories. But there are several ways you can do to burn calories with a little time.

Here are some ways you can do to burn calories within a short time, as reported by Lifemojo on Monday (06/06/2011):

1. Eat little but often
Eat small portions and nutritious food every 3 to 4 hours will keep your metabolism running smoothly and efficiently, which in turn helps the body to burn more calories.

2. Do not skip breakfast
Do not ever skip breakfast if you do not want to be fat. more early your morning meal, the body start burning calories more early too. But do not forget to choose a healthy breakfast.

3. Reduce temperature
Cold temperatures can make the body expend more energy to be warm, which in turn makes the body burn more calories.

4. Eating spicy
Eating spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism faster. Chili naturally contain chemicals and compound called Capsaicin, which can increase the fat burning process in the body. But keep in mind if your stomach is sensitive to spicy food then don`t eat it to much.

5. Eat more protein
Eat protein at every meal and as part of a snack will increase the number of calories you burn each day. Eating protein also helps to prevent muscle loss during dieting.

6. Waved hand while walking
This may seem trivial, but swung your hand when walking help burn calories around 5-10 percent. Waved your hand when walking also involves a lot of muscle so that it can be a simple aerobic exercise.


What Makes Women More Easy to Get Fat

Various body slimming products mostly aimed at women, because biologically female get fat easier than men. Why? Male body tends to lose weight faster than women. It does not seem fair, but this is caused by the physiological reasons of men and women body's.

Here are some physiological reasons what make the women body more easily to get obese, as reported by About.com, Thursday (02/06/2011):

1. Male body have more muscle
Male body that have more muscle allows men to burn more calories than women, even when men are resting.

2. Estrogen can store more fat
Women's bodies tend to store and retain fat. This is because women estrogen levels are higher. This hormone works to keep the fat on the female body so it's easier for her to get pregnant. That means women have to work hard to lose weight at the same rate as men.

3. Male body responds to exercise better than women
While the male body responds sports better, women's bodies actually go into 'starvation mode' which slows metabolism.

4. Women have a low tolerance for exercise
Women lung capacity is much smaller than males, which can make women feel as though working harder than men. It also makes the sport even more severe for women.

But the physiological reasons are not mean women can not lose weight. By intention, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise women can still lose weight and to be ideal.
Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier dental office near San Diego


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