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5 Exercises To Stay Fit During Your Vacation

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Finding time to exercise during the holiday season can be a difficult thing for many people. With a long trips plan, visiting relatives and away from routine work with a variety of fun activities. Routine exercise that you usually do must be abandoned too. After months or maybe years of your regularly exercise, the "vacation" from your  routines exercise can cause all of your routine exercise result vanished. Well, here are five tips to keep your body fit by doing small exercise regularly on your vacation.

Maintaining a regular exercise is very important to keep your body fit. Too many people are lazy and decided not to do anything when on vacation. Bellow are five different exercise routines that you can follow during the holidays to make your body stay fit and in shape while keeping your workout results. These exercises require only simple equipment so that you can do it anywhere. Perform regular exercise for 5 times a week.

1. Four sets of exercises each set consisted of:
    Running 400 m
    Squat 50 times
    3 × 20 times full sit ups

2. Do as much as possible the exercise cycle that consists of:

    Jump rope 50 times
    25 lunge step
    Hanging bent knee 10 times

3. Walk 5 km

4. Three sets of exercises consisting of:
    Running 400 m
    Box jump 21 times (you can also use a chair)
    15 times of pull-up
    The Russian Twist 3 × 15 times

5. 4 cycles of exercise, each consisting of:
    5 times a handstand push-ups
    10 times burpee
    15 times hanging knees to elbows

Exercise above are 5 easy and simple routines that can keep you fit and healthy while keeping your body shape during this holiday season. Have a nice vacation!

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