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Besides Burning Calories, Exercise Also Helps to Stimulate Satiety

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We all know that exercise is the most effective way to burn fat and excess calories in the body. But not many people know, the sport was also able to make the stomach feel full, so the desire to eat goes down.

A recent study led by José Barreto C. Carvalheira from the University of Campinas, Brazil, revealed another benefit of exercise. In addition to burning calories, exercise can stimulate nerve cells to transmit satiety signals to the brain. It can reduce food intake and cause weight loss.

As quoted by the Times of India, the study gives hope to people who have problems with weight and obesity worldwide. There are more than 40 percent of obese people of the world's population.

Excess fat consumption is believed to thwart the signals transmitted by neurons to control satiety in the brain, called the hypothalamus. This failure encouraged uncontrolled food intake and resulting obesity.

The team of researchers led by Carvalheira prove that the obese mice who exercised showed satiety signals from neurons in the hypothalamus and reduced food consumption. They believe that this is also apply to humans.

Physical activity contributes to the prevention and treatment of obesity. Not only increases energy consumption, but also regulate signal satiety and reduces food intake.

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