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Exercise with Treadmill For Beginners

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Cardio is one of exercise that is suitable for beginner. This exercise is usually done by using tools such as stationary bicycles, cross trainers and of course, a treadmill.

Burn calories and better shape the body is part of the profits that you can get from cardio workout using a treadmill. As quoted from Lifemojo, here are some tips to exercise using a treadmill for more effective and enjoyable.

1. Get to know well the treadmill that will be used
Knowing how the tool is the first step to do for your workout success. Before running on the treadmill, ask in advance to the fitness coach to know in detail the system and control panel functions and statistics. Do not rush to immediate use, in addition to being effective you can also add risk of injury.

2. Warming up before exercise
Warming up is the foundation of all types of exercise programs, running on a treadmill is not an exception. Do brisk walking before starting treadmill exercise, you can do at home and outdoors. Then gently stretch the leg muscles. After all the muscles feel ready, then you can run comfortably.

3. Increase your treadmill incline
When running using the treadmill, do not hesitate to increase one percent to three percent treadmill incline for feels like running on top of the uphill road. Varying the treadmill incline are very good to burn fat at the bottom of the body.

4. Make your workouts more fun
One of the main factors someone avoid the treadmill exercise is boredom. To overcome the problem of boredom make your exercise time more enjoyable by listening to music, in addition some specific music could help improve the results of aerobic exercise or other sports. You can also do this exercise in front of TV or do it with friends. That way there would be no longer feel bored while running on the treadmill.

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