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How to Burn More Calories If You`re Busy

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To lose weight, people need to burn more calories than the calories that is inserted into the body. But most of people do not have enough time to do it. So how do I burn calories with a little time?

Hectic schedules and busy work make people do not have enough time to exercise and burn calories. But there are several ways you can do to burn calories with a little time.

Here are some ways you can do to burn calories within a short time, as reported by Lifemojo on Monday (06/06/2011):

1. Eat little but often
Eat small portions and nutritious food every 3 to 4 hours will keep your metabolism running smoothly and efficiently, which in turn helps the body to burn more calories.

2. Do not skip breakfast
Do not ever skip breakfast if you do not want to be fat. more early your morning meal, the body start burning calories more early too. But do not forget to choose a healthy breakfast.

3. Reduce temperature
Cold temperatures can make the body expend more energy to be warm, which in turn makes the body burn more calories.

4. Eating spicy
Eating spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism faster. Chili naturally contain chemicals and compound called Capsaicin, which can increase the fat burning process in the body. But keep in mind if your stomach is sensitive to spicy food then don`t eat it to much.

5. Eat more protein
Eat protein at every meal and as part of a snack will increase the number of calories you burn each day. Eating protein also helps to prevent muscle loss during dieting.

6. Waved hand while walking
This may seem trivial, but swung your hand when walking help burn calories around 5-10 percent. Waved your hand when walking also involves a lot of muscle so that it can be a simple aerobic exercise.

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