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Staying Slim Even if You Eat Lots of Foods

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One of the most difficult challenges when undergoing a diet and get the ideal body shape is to control hunger. Excessive hunger, it will trigger someone is eating more foods high in calories.

In fact, eating large portions is not a problem. But, how high the number of calories contained in food. For example, one slice of chocolate cake can contain more calories than a big bowl of salad greens with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Things you should notice is, every food has a certain amount of calories in consumption volume, called the energy density. Various types of desserts such as puddings, chocolate, one scoop of ice cream or fruit shake tend to have high energy density. That is, although consumed in small amounts, in fact these foods have a large amount of calories.

While foods such as vegetables and fruits, including foods with low energy density. This means, the food is numerous or large, but it has low calories. So as to meet energy needs, should be consumed in large portions. That is why, vegetables, fruit and whole wheat products are strongly advised to diet because you can overcome hunger by eating a lot, but can still control your weight.

How to distinguish foods with high energy density and low?
You can find out by reading the nutritional value information which is usually found on product packaging. Start by comparing the size of the serving size in grams and calories.
* If fewer calories than the weight of the serving size (grams), it means the food has low energy density.
* If the same amount of calories, or two times more than the serving size, means you have to control a large portion of their consumption and pay attention.
* If the number of calories three times more than the serving size, you should be discouraged to eat it.

Why pay attention to the energy density of food is very important?
Diet expert Julie Upton explains, foods with high energy density does not only contain many calories. Several studies have shown, high energy dense foods are also high in saturated fat and trans fat. Of these foods also contain very little fiber.

Another study done by researchers from Penn State University found that women who only eat foods with low energy density level for six years, her weight increased only 2.7 kg. While women who consumed high-energy dense foods, add weight to 6.35 kg in six years.

Therefore, it is very important to read first information on the nutritional value of packaged food before you eat them. Excerpted from Health, here are some examples of foods with high energy density / low.

Low energy density:
- Fruits and vegetables
- Soup chicken broth
- Brown rice, oatmeal, bread and pasta from whole grains
- Foods containing a lot of water

High energy density:
- Crackers, biscuits, cookies
- Vegetable oil
- Fried
- Sweet foods and desserts (ice cream, pudding cream, chocolate cake).

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