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Vitamins that Help You to Lose Weight

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There are many ways that women can do to get the ideal body, one of them is by dieting. But you should not be forgotten that, although on a diet your body still needs vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin is needed to avoid nutritional imbalances that eventually make you sick. Not only that, the right vitamins can also help on weight loss. Here's the vitamins that helps your healthy diet, as quoted from Become Gorgeous.

1. Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 has an important role in fat metabolism and regulate the thyroid. The thyroid is one of the causes of weight gain. In addition, increased intake of vitamin B6 will speed up your metabolism, helping burn more calories. Sources of vitamin B is in wheat, bananas, dried fruit, avocado and chicken.

2. Vitamin H
Biotin or Vitamin H, including the vitamin B complex can influence weight loss. Biotin ensure proper enzyme function and also balance blood sugar levels. In addition to prevent energy shortages and excess, this vitamin can also reduce the desire for sweet foods. Good natural sources are eggs that are a source of choline to lose weight, beans and turnips.

3. Vitamin D
This vitamin has more health benefits than you know. There are studies showing that people with higher vitamin D levels are better able to lose weight than those without. Calcium can also help weight loss. Good sources of vitamin D is cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, eggs, cheese and mushrooms.

4. Vitamin C
these vitamins have an important role in the fight against free radicals, boost the immune system and eliminate fatigue. Vitamin C helps the body convert glucose into energy, not stored as fat. Eat citrus fruits, green vegetables, broccoli, liver, oil, wheat, berries, watermelon and peas in order to increase the intake of this vitamins.

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