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5 Foods that are Not Good to Eat Every Day by Dieters

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For those of you who are running a healthy diet for weight control, you may choose the wrong foods daily. Instead of the ideal body is obtained, but actually damaging your diet.

Foods that looks healthy because it contains the value of good nutrition not always  good to be consumed daily. San Diego dentist said, there are some foods that are not good if consumed every day. What are they? Here's his explanation.

1. A Glass of Milk
Milk is healthy, but can interfere with your diet. If you used to consume milk every morning, time to snack and before bed, try to quit for a month and feel the difference. If weight loss, then this could be a solution to your diet. Consume milk occasionally, not every day.

2. Snacking High Carbohydrate Foods
You often feel hungry in the afternoon. For abdominal rebound, no doubt you eat high carbohydrate foods. Sandwiches and samosas are examples of carbohydrate foods are often used as a snack.
This foods are risky foods in your diet. Better to choose foods that are rich in protein and unsaturated fats such as nuts.

3. 'Healthy Snack'
Seeing this on a food label makes most people do not hesitate to eat them constantly. Though these foods are not completely healthy, because of processed products. Still the best nutrition is a natural food. Such as nuts, fruits and vegetables.

4. Potato
Research shows that potatoes are one of the foods that add weight. Potatoes are also one of the foods that are often added to other foods as a flavor enhancer or food byproducts. We recommend that you replace potatoes with green vegetables.

5. Eating Sweet After Eating
Many are fond of eating sweets after a meal as dessert. This is actually not necessary at all. No need to add sugar after a meal because you've got it.

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