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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Excess Calories

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In the diet, sometimes we only notice what foods are allowed / not consumed or the amount of calorie intake. In fact, many small things that when done regularly, can help the process of weight loss more quickly.

For example, replacing bread spreads, choose olive oil or boiling vegetables. Excerpted from the Women's Health, six small trick could bring big changes to health and your ideal body shape. Doing it, is not too difficult.

1. Create Green Sandwich
Smear of butter, mayonnaise or fruit jam is made of white bread taste better. But the spreads contain calories, fat and high sugar. Replace your bread spread with more healthy ingredients, such as avocado. Take the avocado flesh with a spoon or knife, and rub over the bread.

With delicious flavors this fruit are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. Moreover, according to research at Ohio State University, the content of phytochemicals in avocados can prevent oral cancer. You can add the contents of a sandwich with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and egg to meet nutrient needs at breakfast.

2. Use Pure Olive Oil
Olive oil has a variety of nutrients that are nutritious for healthy body, with a note, if oil is used purely. Nowadays a lot of olive oil sold which has given some of the mixture, so that their benefits are no longer essential. According to Elena Paravantes, dietitian from the Hellenic Dietetic Association in Greece, pure olive oil has anti-oxidants that help fight cancer.

When buying olive oil, choose one that reads 'virgin olive oil' on the packaging label. If you still are not sure of authenticity, breathe and taste a little. Pure olive oil has a flavor somewhat spicy, fruity, slightly bitter and leaves a little sensation of 'bite' in the throat. Combine the olive oil on salads, pasta sauce or as an oil for sauteing.

3. Drink 2 Glasses of Water Before Eating
Instead of eating chicken wings, cream of chicken soup or spring roll, why do not consume water as an appetizer? Drink two glasses of water before you eat. This will keep you hydrated and reduce hunger. That way, you will learn to control food intake and reduce weight.

4. Tea
Black tea is rich in flavonoids (antioxidants) are efficacious to maintain immunity against heart disease, cancer and slow the onset of wrinkles on the skin. Black tea also helps eliminate excess calories if taken regularly. Eat black tea without sugar at least three cups a day.

5. Fill your plate with vegetables
When you attend a party, would normally presented buffet food. Fill half your plate with vegetables. That way, you'll reduce your intake of carbohydrates and at the same time, benefit from the fiber. Fiber helps accelerate satiety and avoid you add a meal.

6. Boiling Broccoli with Right
Broccoli is rich in nutrients like fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants. But the nutritional content can be lost if cooked too long. The most appropriate way to cook broccoli is to boil no more than 3 minutes. If you have a microwave, place the broccoli in a covered container, put in the microwave, and cook for 3-4 minutes.

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