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Negative Impact of Low Carbo Diet

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Lots of  people rely on low-carbohydrate diet as a solution to accelerate weight loss. However, this diet is still inviting pros and cons among nutrition and health experts.

Although it gives instant results within a short time, this diet can also bring harmful effects to your health. Here is an explanation of low carbo diet, the impact and what kind of diet that should be run.

What Is Low Carbo Diet?

Low-carbohydrate diet is a diet that avoids all foods that contain high-yield carbohydrates. Such as bread, rice or fruit and vegetables that contain high carbohydrates such as potatoes and carrots. This type of diet are usually emphasized in the consumption of foods with high fat and protein content.

The purpose of low carbo diet is to control blood sugar levels. The people who follow this diet is believed that carbohydrates will increase blood sugar levels, promote insulin release that can trigger a rise in the desire to eat. Low Carb diet usually promote the consumption of foods high in protein and fat, such as meat, eggs or cheese.

What is the Impact Of Low Carbo Diet?

Low carbo diet is quite popular, because dieters can see results quickly. Body weight can be decreased to 4.5 kg - 9 kg in just 2 weeks. This is because by reducing or eliminating the intake of carbohydrates, will lower blood sugar levels, reduce the release of insulin so that your appetite dropped dramatically, and ultimately, help to lose weight faster.

However, some experts say, low carb diets can be harmful to the body. In the first two weeks, the body loses a lot of water - it causes significant weight loss. But the result, the body will feel weak.

Carbohydrates are needed as a provider of energy or fuel for the body to be able to move. Not only energy, carbohydrates also provide vitamins, minerals and water. Lack of carbohydrates will cause the body to be weak, no energy. In acute conditions, can cause unstable blood pressure and the skin looks wrinkled.

"Not eating carbs, you also do not get enough fiber intake and loss of many nutrients and antioxidants," explains Fitness and Health Consultant, Dr. Janet Bond Brill.

Dr. Janet also explains, low carbo diet may help weight loss down quickly. But the results also did not last long, usually at most only one year. So, this diet is not the right strategy if you want to control weight in the long run.

In addition, consumption of excessive protein and cheese - foods recommended in low carbo dietary - will make you consume excess calories. Not only that, high-protein diet will force the kidneys to work harder to balance the body's metabolism.

"Too much protein consumption also causes bones to lose a lot of calcium and increase the risk of osteoporosis," said Peachy Seiden, a nutritionist from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Ohio.

Follow the Right Diet!

To lose weight, do not avoid carbs at all. But choose the type of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index content.

Excerpted from the LIVESTRONG, carbohydrates are divided into two types: the easy and difficult to be absorbed by the body. Honey, candy, and processed foods with white flour and white rice, including the type of absorbable. Carbohydrates are able to provide energy quickly, but also can be lost immediately.

While the vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains cereal and brown rice contain carbohydrates that are difficult absorbed by the body. Thus provide energy reserves for longer, making it more stable.
Always count the number of calories inserted and removed from the body. If you want to quickly lose weight, consume fewer calories than you use.

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