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Stretches for Your Hands & Wrists

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The structure of joints in the hand and wrist are make us able to perform complex movements. These movements are used to perform tasks and daily activities. Activities such as typing at a computer, playing musical instruments, etc., would use repetitive movements that increase the use of hand and wrist.  Overuse and trauma can cause connective tissue strain and dislocation of joints, which ultimately lead to joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints of your hand. To overcome and prevent stiffness and strain on hands, one of exercise which you can do is stretching to the hand and wrist. All of these movements can be done either standing or sitting.

Abduction & Adduction
This stretch targets the muscles of the fingers and hands. Put your hand in front of you with palms facing each other and fingers pointing upward. Begin the stretch by bringing your hands and tap your fingers. Continue to release your hands and then try to separate your fingers or your fingers away from the other fingers as much as possible so that it feels the strain on your fingers. Do they turn up to 10-20 reps.

Hand Stretch
This stretching targets are hands and fingers. Like stretching movements above, start by putting your hand in front of you with palms facing each other and fingers pointing upward. Bend your fingers down to form a fist, but thumb straight up. Continue by pointing your fingers towards your wrist until your fingers are stretched to the maximum extent possible. Hold up to 5 counts of breath.

Hand and Wrist Stretch
This stretch targets your fingers and wrist. Both palms pressed together and in front of your body, as high as your chest. Keep your fingers remain pointed upward. Press your palms together, pulling the bottom of your palms away from each other. Continue until your palms facing the floor, stretch your fingers and hands. Hold up to 5 counts of breath.

Wrist and forearm stretch
Targets are stretching the wrist and hand. Straighten both arms forward with palms facing the floor. Place one hand above the other and bend both wrists down. Use your hands to push your hand up, back to its original direction. Hold up to 5 counts of breath. Repeat for the other.

Well, to prevent stiffness and tension in the fingers, hands, and your wrist, then do these simple stretches on the sidelines of your daily activities.

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