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Tips to Lose Weight Without Strict Diet

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Normally in a weight loss program, it takes a strict and planned diet. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to undergo a regular diet.

Well, if you`re included of people that are difficult to avoid sweet and fatty foods or may be too busy to set dietary patterns, this approach could be useful for you. Listen 4 tips to lose weight without strict dieting, as quoted from Become Gorgeous.

1. Avoid Coffee
There are several assumptions that mention, coffee can help the body metabolism running well. But on the other hand, drinking coffee can also increase adrenaline and insulin levels. As a result, blood sugar levels rise, resulting in the desire to snack is also increasing. Instead of coffee, you better drink white or green tea, rich in anti-oxidants. In addition to keeping the body from free radicals, anti-oxidants also help you lose weight gradually. drink tea no more than 5 cups a day.

2. Eat High-Calorie Snack Slowly
Potato chips, cake or a chocolate cookie snacks that taste delicious, but high in calories and sugar. It's okay to eat these snacks, but you should notice the portions. To ensure you do not over-consumption of these snacks, try to chew it slowly.

Eat it slowly will give time for the body to absorb glucose and calories the body needs, but prevent it from excessive absorbed. In addition, eating a small bite after bite will make full sooner so you would not go crazy eating until they run out.

3. Enough Sleep
Numerous studies prove that people who lack sleep, have a slow metabolism system. Lack of sleep also makes it difficult to control one's desire to eat and hunger. Therefore, if you want to lose weight without a strict diet, make sure you sleep eight hours a day with a good quality sleep.

4. Increase Consumption of Magnesium & Potassium
Increase the consumption of magnesium and potassium can increase metabolism and help burn fat without you even knowing. Foods rich in magnesium and potassium include whole grains, beans, bananas, peppers, potatoes and carrots. Enter some of these foods in your daily menu alternately, as a healthy snack.

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